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Trent Valley Hockey Club

Why I believe in Sport FOR Development

I was the overweight kid at school, always last to be picked, in goal for Football, wicket keeper at cricket, wore the same protective equipment as GK at hockey, threw the shot put and was the anchor for Scouts tug of war team.

Then I found I was quite quick for my size and that a more mobile prop forward was a useful tool in the box, sport and scouting gave me skills that made me vice house captain and sports captain in my last year of school and set up the career I so enjoy.

Last year of school was not all roses! I failed 9 out of 11 ‘O Levels’ (giving away my age), looking back I did not learn the way I was taught, I re sat, did better and joined a college to study Sport and Recreation. I could swim, had a first aid certificate so became a Lifeguard.

Throughout my life sport has played a really important role, it now generates a lifestyle my family enjoys and has been the reason my 13 year old enjoys sport so much. Hockey has supported us to make friends and given us a chance to give back, volunteering, a little bit of umpiring and now setting up a club that matches our values.

None of the above is about winning, we have ‘won’ because of the way we did things, because of what was built; that is my ambition for Trent Valley Hockey Club. I want young people and parents/guardians to be part of the club, older players to support younger players, more able players to guide those that want additional guidance. I want to enable parents/guardians to take a greater role in supporting their child, if they wish, by managing coaching courses, umpiring courses and assisting in the Governance of the club, my ultimate ambition is that the young people that join us run and manage this club.

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