Our History

Trent Valley Hockey Club was created during the time of the Covid-19 lockdown as a vision of David Monkhouse and Carl Bruiners.

Both founders wanted to be able to offer an alternative offering to support the development of hockey players within the East Midlands; a focus on player enjoyment, all-inclusive community and as a development centric club.

Finding the right location was the next step and after investigating a number of sites, we found Trent College in Long Eaton to be a fantastic location to build a strong hockey community.

In addition to providing a enjoyable and safe environment, Trent Valley Hockey Club also promotes the development of budding coaches and umpires. The coaches encourage players to take an active role in coaching and umpiring, so not only are we developing future players but the supporting roles. 

We don't measure our successes through match wins, we measure our victory's in the amount of smiles our players have when leaving the pitch.

06/03/2020 - Ideation and maturing of club concept

Developed club concept further; consulted and engaged with England Hockey and other local hockey experts.

12/08/2020 - Trent Valley Hockey Club name created

After considering a number of names for the club, it is agreed that the best name that describes the location of the club is Trent Valley Hockey Club.

14/08/2020 - Secured site location of the club

After numerous discussions with suitable sites, Trent College was selected as the best location to start Trent Valley Hockey Club at. Its location and facilities made it stand out as the primary choice. 

15/08/2020 - Website platform launched

Trent Valley Hockey Club website launched

06/09/2020 - First training session for Trent Valley HC

Inaugural training session of Trent Valley Hockey Club

Our Team Meet Our Team Mates

David Monkhouse

David Monkhouse has a been a player, manager and coach in the East Midlands over a number of years.

David has been a driving and inspirational force behind getting Trent Valley Hockey Club up and running.

David along with Carl has a real passion for delivering the right environments for youth players to thrive and to enjoy the game. David identified early on that a lot of players leave the game due to negative experiences and a fundamental of Trent Valley Hockey Club is to help keep more young players playing hockey well beyond their youth years and to continue to enjoy the game well into their senior years.


Carl Bruiners

Carl has been involved in a number of sports over the years as a sports owner, manager and coach; namely football and Futsal, but his passion was always in his favourite sport he played from the age of 13 until seniors, which is Hockey.

Carl played for a couple of clubs in London and the South East, and has coached in the midlands.

Across all forms of sport Carl has always supported the importance sport plays for youth players, but also acknowledges that sport can also become a negative for young players if the environment is not all inclusive nor positive, a significant reason why Carl and David's shared vision of an all inclusive, friendly, positive and safe environment made Trent Valley Hockey club something Carl was very keen to see delivered.

David Monkhouse

David Monkhouse has a been a player, manager and coach in the East Midlands over a number of years.

David has taken on the role of welfare officer until a permanent appointment is made in the near future.

Trent Valley HC Charters

Please find below the charters and policies of Trent Valley Hockey Club. These are focused around a number of key areas;

  • Player
  • Parent
  • Club

We also have a number other important policies, and below is an an exhaustive list of all of them.


Covid-19 Returning to Hockey

During these challenging times, and to get hockey back to playing there are a number of guidelines that Trent Valley Hockey Club needs to satisfy to return to both training and matches. 

Below are a number of documents for your information, please note all players will have to complete a pre-training / match Covid assessment before being allowed to return, apologies for the inconvenience but I'm sure you understand why.

Covid-19 Policy

England Hockey Infographic Step 4

England Hockey Trent Valley HC Risk Assessment

England Hockey Getting Back on the Pitch Step 4


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